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  • All have dozens of different genome systems for this. Depending on the country or region, which gene system is used. So far there are 3 most commonly used gene systems in the world. These are the two 16-gene systems in use at the DNA Center and the FBI's 13-gene CODIS system. Because all 13 genes in this system fit into the 16 genes of the other two systems, the Center regularly uses 2 16-gene systems, because each system has enough data to compare against the 3rd type of FBI. In addition, all of the remaining gene systems mentioned above have a gene component within two sets of 16 genes that the DNA Center is using.

  • Children can be tested from birth, so there is no age limit for blood tests. DNA testing can be performed with a very small amount of sample (1/4 drop of blood) or a cotton swab containing cells in the mouth, or a small piece of umbilical cord has fallen, so the infant can test very well. easily. For a blood test before birth, amniotic fluid containing fetal cells can be used for 3 months.

  • No need. A blood test can be done without DNA. If the father's DNA samples are questionable and the child does not match, then the chances of the man's father being excluded are 100%. If the samples match, the chances are that the man is 99.999% or higher.

  • Blood tests can be carried out with a variety of cells such as blood samples, cells inside the cheeks, tissue samples, nails, hair roots, umbilical cord, etc. Tests will have the same accuracy, because all Both cells in the same body have the same type of DNA.

  • DNA testing is the most accurate test available today. If maternal, child, and diseased DNA samples match in each gene, blood-related accuracy reaches 99.999% or higher. That means in fact the man tested here is the father of the child.

    If two DNA samples of the child and the suspected father do not match two or more genes, then this man must exclude 100% and the ability to be the father of the child is 0%.